Do steampunk accessories need a function?

Accessories can be goggles
These goggles are my own used in a shoot. Image copyright Matt Grayson for The Hellfire Club

In a made up universe that relies heavily on science fiction, fantasy and imagination, do we really need to ensure that all our accessories have a purpose? Should our gears that we stick to our hats be functional? Even if that function is make-believe? Continue reading “Do steampunk accessories need a function?”

Freyja Faery: SteamFae

Freyja Faery at A Splendid Day Out steampunk event in Morecambe

As someone who has only been a steampunk for around 6 years, I’m relatively new to the whole concept and lifestyle. I write from my interpretation of what steampunk means to me, as well as my understanding and experience so far within the community. I have attended and performed at many steampunk events up and down the country and have included the Steampunk Style into the fairy outfits I wear as a family entertainer and performing artist. Continue reading “Freyja Faery: SteamFae”

Whitby Steampunk Experience Pt. 1 – Friday

Friday entertainment with Montague Jacques Fromage
Copyright Neal Rylatt, used with permission

Friday 28th July 2017 saw the opening of the second Whitby Steampunk Weekend and Steampunk Journal made the delightful journey to one of the most beautiful parts of the country to be there.

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Sorry Early Steampunk Adopters, Making it to the Party Early Doesn’t Make it Your Party

 I don’t usually court controversy. I do my best to stay out of the debates over whether or not something is “really” Steampunk because all they do is make me angry. Preferring instead to look at the things people have called … Continue reading Sorry Early Steampunk Adopters, Making it to the Party Early Doesn’t Make it Your Party

Is it possible to be a steampunk and a socialist?

I’m a Socialist. I believe that the world should be shared equally and I despise the fact that a tiny minority of super rich people can control everyone else simply because they have money and money is power. Without going too deep into the current political landscape and what is being done by our current government to everyday people and the most vulnerable in our society, I’m firmly on the side of the Socialist Left. In fact, the sharing of land and equal, mutual hard work for the benefit of each other also touches on the ethics of many subcultures such as steampunk and solarpunk.

Continue reading “Is it possible to be a steampunk and a socialist?”

Steampunks vs Victorians – an epic political battle

jeremy_corbynI’ve considered not writing about politics on a website that is essentially dedicated to a hobby. However, I can’t help but feel that if you take Jeremy Corbyn’s outlook on life then place him in a top hat, long brown coat and hang a brass coloured Nerf gun on his shoulder he’s essentially a steampunk. Meanwhile, the Conservatives want us to go back to life at the end of the 19th century. Continue reading “Steampunks vs Victorians – an epic political battle”