The popularity of late 19th century themed television

steampunk_journal_great_expectations2Back in the 1990’s it was popular to have a programme on the television where the newspapers could describe it as a “bodice ripper”, ie; it was set in the 17th/18th century and involved delicate ladies with heaving bosoms and manly men with white shirts and tight trousers. There was something for both mum and dad to watch essentially. The 2000s saw more popularity with present day action programmes and dramas. Fast forward to the twenty teens and it struck me the other day that there seems to be a lot of television shows and films that are set in the late 19th century at the moment. It made me wonder why it could be and there are a few theories I have mulling around inside my head. Continue reading “The popularity of late 19th century themed television”

Is it any surprise that Steampunk’d got canned?

steampunk'd_cancelledThe maker programme Steampunk’d “will not be picked up for a second season” (being British that’s the last time I’ll use the word season to describe a series in this article) according to the GSN blog page. GSN being the network that commissioned it in the first place. The eight episode show was widely criticised by steampunks and away from that had other, more popular programmes to contend with including Skin Wars and The Chase USA. Continue reading “Is it any surprise that Steampunk’d got canned?”

Steampunk Circus Master on Grimm

Grimm series 3, episode 16 The Show Must Go On
The steampunk Ring Master

If you’re currently unacquainted with Grimm, it’s a modern day police drama that draws inspiration from the popular Brothers Grimm fairy tales. The basic plot centres on a police officer who learns he is a descendant from a centuries old league of warriors called Grimms. Throughout the centuries they’ve hunted and exterminated “Wesen” (pronounced Vessen on the show). He teams up with Monroe – a converted Wolfman (Blutbad) – to help find killers who are actually Wesen before dealing with them off radar. Continue reading “Steampunk Circus Master on Grimm”

Professor Elemental performs on Phineas and Ferb

Phineas & Ferb with Professor Elemental
Professor Elemental performs Phineas & Ferb episode “steampunx”

Professor Elemental – everyone’s favourite eccentric adventurer and (I’m proud to say) friend of mine – has made a wonderful appearance on Phineas and Ferb. If you don’t have children around 5-10 years old, you may not have been subject to the crazy inventions of the kids on this Disney cartoon. It’s a madcap programme with two step-brothers (one English, the other American) and their pet Duck Billed Platypus called Perry (who is also a secret agent). It documents the adventures they have during the school holidays. Continue reading “Professor Elemental performs on Phineas and Ferb”