Steampunks vs Victorians – an epic political battle

jeremy_corbynI’ve considered not writing about politics on a website that is essentially dedicated to a hobby. However, I can’t help but feel that if you take Jeremy Corbyn’s outlook on life then place him in a top hat, long brown coat and hang a brass coloured Nerf gun on his shoulder he’s essentially a steampunk. Meanwhile, the Conservatives want us to go back to life at the end of the 19th century. Continue reading “Steampunks vs Victorians – an epic political battle”

Is Feminism reversing women’s rights?

I’ve seen one or two articles about Sarah and Gabriel Chrisman recently. For some reason, they’re an object of interest for one or two newspapers due to the Victorian lifestyle that they lead. However, it was a comment that Sarah made about feminism while talking to the Hamilton Spectator that sparked my interest. Continue reading “Is Feminism reversing women’s rights?”

Steampunk will never die…. Or will it?

A recent article in Burbank Leader told of how a company called Clockwork Couture based in Burbank, California has moved the steampunk clothing store from the ground floor of the property on Main Street to the upstairs space. In place of the store that sells steampunk related accessories and such like, owner Donna Ricci has opened up a tea shop for “nerds, geeks and anglophiles”. Named “Geeky Teas”, the café is inspired especially by Doctor Who and the entrance is through the blue Police Box doors of the T.A.R.D.I.S. Continue reading “Steampunk will never die…. Or will it?”

Steampunks won’t be thwarted by business

ippWhen I first arrived in Lincoln, I stood patiently in line for my wristband. The queue was – at that time – stretching from the tent where they were acquired all the way to the Westgate junction with Bailgate. The group behind me were discussing if it was the line for the wristbands. I decided to chirp in saying that I hoped so as I was queuing for mine. We then shared a joke about how the line could have been formed simply because someone stopped in the street and being British, we started a queue behind them. Continue reading “Steampunks won’t be thwarted by business”