Best examples: Vehicles

Steampunk Motorcycle
Design by Mikhail Smolyanov

There are so many types of vehicles out there and I think it’s fair to say that not one of them has been left untouched by a steampunk. Whether it’s using a pen and paper to envisage a dream transport or actually building a working prototype, steampunks are relentless in their Borg style assimilation of anything new and “perfecting” it to a Victorian aesthetic. Continue reading “Best examples: Vehicles”

Best examples: Steampunk photography

Lex Machina photography
Copyright Lex Machina

With a background in photography, researching this article was a joy. The quality of work out there is breath taking. I will try to give credits and links where ever I can. If, however, you are the photographer of an image in this post and you require me to remove it, I will. I understand what it’s like, but rest assured, this post is celebrating the very best in quality photography of the steampunk genre. Continue reading “Best examples: Steampunk photography”

Best examples: Corsets

Best example 12
Steampunk Journal corset Best example 12

There’s nothing can turn the good old British stiff upper lip into a quivering blob of jelly than the corset. In Victorian times when they were at the height of fashion, they were designed to give a lady a feminine figure (whether she liked it or not) by forcing a tiny waist on her. This resulted in steady walking, squashed internal organs and a difficulty to breathe. Continue reading “Best examples: Corsets”