Savant – Kali 47 music video features steampunk Native Americans

I’ve just watched the music video for Kali 47 from Savant. It’s an incredible, gory, special effects heavy film that features a bar brawl between steampunk cowboys and three demonic skeletal cowboys. The moves are amazing, the weaponary is stunning and is that a Brute Force bionic arm I see? Cut to the local Native American tribe and they are even sporting welding goggles (more for recognition, than actually fixing something with a welder). The choreography is fantastic, the effects are stunning and the cinematography is sublime. Take a look at it now on YouTube by following this link: Savant … Continue reading Savant – Kali 47 music video features steampunk Native Americans

Professor Elemental wants to make the internet splendid!


I’ve been contacted by the splendid Professor Elemental (adventurer, tea drinker and bad ass emcee) to spread the word about his latest venture. His newest record is called Don’t Feed the Trolls and is a campaign to end trolling by simply ignoring them. After all, the reason they do it is to start arguments. Then they’ll either argue it out or slip out of the loop and watch everyone squabble among themselves.

The target to make a video for the track has been reached already. The rest of the funds will be spread out to various charities. Have a read of the press release below and have a think about donating. Continue reading “Professor Elemental wants to make the internet splendid!”

Steam Powered Giraffe announce new album

Quirky automaton robotic singers Steam Powered Giraffe have announced the release date of their third album – titled “MKIII” – as the 3rd December 2013. The band formed in 2008 and have gone through a few modifications in terms of the line-up. Currently, they stand as three: The Spine (David Michael Bennett), Rabbit (Christopher Bennett) and Hatchworth (Sam Luke). The previous two albums are firm favourites of steampunks and the band regularly appear at steampunk conventions to perform. They recently teamed up with chap-hop performer Professor Elemental while he visited America. Go to the Steam Powered Giraffe website here: Steam … Continue reading Steam Powered Giraffe announce new album

“Steampunk” iPad keyboard seeks funding through Kickstarter

Purists will probably email us about how the term “steampunk” does not cover the Miselu C.24, a piano-style keyboard for iPad currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. However, we maintain that there is something steampunk about moving, semi-weighted piano keys being attached to the touch sensitive iPad, essentially reversing evolution from buttons to touchpad. Plus, the C.24 folds around the iPad to function as a protective case that’s suitable for toting to your next gig — or subduing your attackers with a swift turn of Bartitsu. Via: Related articles Steampunk name generator Classical music virtuoso who plays piano and tablet Handmade … Continue reading “Steampunk” iPad keyboard seeks funding through Kickstarter