Steampunk hotel in Kuala Lumpur

Steampunk loft lighting system
Steampunk loft lighting system

Because of the recent ever increasing arguments on what is and isn’t steampunk on social media, I’ve taken a more black and white approach to it. As far as I’m concerned, if you think and say it’s steampunk, then it’s steampunk; if you don’t, it’s not.

That is until something like the Steampunk loft featured on airbnb gets thrown into the equation. You see, the owner describes it as steampunk and it has strong steampunk elements to it. So why am I questioning it? Continue reading “Steampunk hotel in Kuala Lumpur”

Steampunk steamboats?

Wired love to use the word steampunk and magazines will do whatever they can to increase their demographic. But is this really steampunk? Where’s the refinement? Steampunk is a wide and encompassing genre, but to throw some old chairs and bits of fireplaces onto a raft and call it steampunk is something quite different. Read the full story via the link below and let me know what you think. Part art project, part utopian experiment, a street artist by the name of Swoon, as well as a band of artists, DIYers, and other free-spirits, has built a collection of ramshackle yet … Continue reading Steampunk steamboats?

Steampunk drinks coasters

Every time I come across something like this, I have the chorus to Sir Reginald Pikedevant’s song “Just glue some gears on it (and call it steampunk)” swimming around in my head. These have a dubious link to steampunk, to say the least, but you may like them. Via: Related articles Could the commercialisation of steampunk be its downfall? Continue reading Steampunk drinks coasters

A steampunk wedding?

Further to my previous post about steampunk being the “word of the moment”, here’s an article in The Guardian about having a steampunk themed wedding. Apparently Harry Potter, Edward Scissorhands and Batman are all steampunk. And I despise the word “movie”. We’re British, why can’t we simply watch a film? Here’s an extract of the article with a link to the full piece below: “As a spin-off from last week’s topic of having a Victorian-themed wedding, this week I’ll be sharing with you the very popular trend of having a “steampunk-themed” wedding. This theme can be best described as “Victorian era … Continue reading A steampunk wedding?