The Swinghoppers – Welcome to the Family EP review

The Swinghoppers are a three piece musical outfit fusing the vintage sounds of swing music with updated styles of hip hop. Frontman Offbeat provides the majority of the lyrics. Supported by PYE (or Pieman – wait, is he from the Illicit Market at Asylum?) with raps or impressive beatboxing and singing from Sharleena Ray. I first heard about The Swinghoppers via their newest single Tea Total which features steampunk lovable rogue Professor Elemental. After a brief chat, they kindly sent me their new EP to have a listen to. This is the Swinghoppers EP review. Continue reading “The Swinghoppers – Welcome to the Family EP review”

The Manchurian Pass by Victor Sierra album review

Over the past 12 months, Victor Sierra have really upped their game in the UK steampunk scene. They’ve always been there, pottering about in the fringes – popular in mainland Europe and with a steadily growing fanbase in the UK. Since appearing at The Asylum in 2017, they’ve increased their visibility. They are highly active on social media and are performing at more events such as Hebden Bridge Steampunk weekend and Northstar. Victor Sierra consists of three members; Commander Bob, The Legendary Converted Princess and Big Machine. Commander Bob and Converted Princess are co-founders of the group and provide the main bulk of vocals. On Manchurian … Continue reading The Manchurian Pass by Victor Sierra album review

The 8th Deadly Sin by Victor & The Bully album review

Victor & The Bully are, frankly, a runaway success in the UK steampunk scene and have no signs of slowing down. Now their popularity is beginning to spread over to the USA. Entirely due to their catchy music, unique style and annoying likeability. Their highly anticipated second album dropped into the Steampunk Journal inbox a couple of days ago. We’ve had an exclusive first hearing of the new album in all its polished glory. Of course Matt & Harry have never been shy of showing their fans the music that they make as they complete each track. Go onto their Facebook page, or the more popular … Continue reading The 8th Deadly Sin by Victor & The Bully album review

Ring Around The Rosie by Play to the Gallery album review

Play to the Gallery are a five piece band from Michigan consisting of Christopher, Stephen, Kurt, Matt and Abbey. On stage they adopt character personas of The Barker, The Conjurer, The Gadgeteer, The Professor and The Stargazer respectively. They describe themselves as a “unique theatrical experience coupled with dance-able, original music” in a steampunk style. I was sent their album to listen to a few weeks ago. They have an interesting style of music which prioritises traditional band instruments but occasionally injects elements of electronica. The sound which – without seeing them dressed up – could be mistaken as mainstream rock with their own twist, but with … Continue reading Ring Around The Rosie by Play to the Gallery album review

Bad Day at Growler’s Rock by The Wattingers Album Review

Steampunk is a very interesting place. People can be whoever they want to be and it creates a universe of incredibly unique characters. The Wattingers easily fall into the category of “incredibly unique”. Based on the families that are typically portrayed in horror films as psychotic hillbillies, driven crazy from solitude and generations of inbreeding. Less so on the latter with the Wattingers I feel, but they have lost none of their grim darkness. The new album Bad Day at Growler’s Rock is interesting. In the way that it seems to have the typical dark vibe that would make you terrified of walking through a forest … Continue reading Bad Day at Growler’s Rock by The Wattingers Album Review

Progress (For Life) new single by Chasing The Dark

Progress (for life) is the brand new single by ex Metropolis front man Chris Longman. Chasing the Dark released the single on 16th February and are already lining up a new single. Progress has already been featured on GBJ Alternative Rock, West Norfolk Radio and steampunk’s very own online station GASP. Chasing the Dark is a solo outfit by Chris. He does everything from writing lyrics and music, to playing all instruments, recording them, mixing and mastering them. He also manages the artwork and marketing which is a huge undertaking in itself. When I spoke to him about his new venture, he had this to say: … Continue reading Progress (For Life) new single by Chasing The Dark

Double Negative by The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing album review

Written by Victoria L Schulz The Men Who Will Not be Blamed for Nothing are a British band formed in 2008, during the rise of Steampunk as a legitimate genre. They amusingly describe their music as “Crusty punk meets cockney sing-songs meets grindcore in the 1880’s”. With Double Negative, TMTWNBBFN keep up the banner of intense politically charged rock with lyrical nods to history gone wrong. Guitars clang with urgency and their vocalists holler with an almost drunken lunacy that would delight hard core listeners and punk fans alike. The sudden breakdown guitar melody from Occam’s Razor, a raucous piece about Jack the Ripper, could have … Continue reading Double Negative by The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing album review

Hidden Gems album review

Ever since the Captain strode onto the stage at Whitby Steampunk Weekend, I’ve been avidly following his moves. Waiting fervently for a copy of his album to review for the Journal. It’s finally arrived and I’ve spent the last two weeks letting the Captain’s smooth operatic voice slide into my ears.

Hidden Gems by Captain of the Lost Waves costs £12.00 and is available from the main website.

Continue reading “Hidden Gems album review”