Progress (For Life) new single by Chasing The Dark

Progress (for life) is the brand new single by ex Metropolis front man Chris Longman. Chasing the Dark released the single on 16th February and are already lining up a new single. Progress has already been featured on GBJ Alternative Rock, West Norfolk Radio and steampunk’s very own online station GASP. Chasing the Dark is a solo outfit by Chris. He does everything from writing lyrics and music, to playing all instruments, recording them, mixing and mastering them. He also manages the artwork and marketing which is a huge undertaking in itself. When I spoke to him about his new venture, he had this to say: … Continue reading Progress (For Life) new single by Chasing The Dark

Double Negative by The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing album review

Written by Victoria L Schulz The Men Who Will Not be Blamed for Nothing are a British band formed in 2008, during the rise of Steampunk as a legitimate genre. They amusingly describe their music as “Crusty punk meets cockney sing-songs meets grindcore in the 1880’s”. With Double Negative, TMTWNBBFN keep up the banner of intense politically charged rock with lyrical nods to history gone wrong. Guitars clang with urgency and their vocalists holler with an almost drunken lunacy that would delight hard core listeners and punk fans alike. The sudden breakdown guitar melody from Occam’s Razor, a raucous piece about Jack the Ripper, could have … Continue reading Double Negative by The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing album review

Hidden Gems album review

Ever since the Captain strode onto the stage at Whitby Steampunk Weekend, I’ve been avidly following his moves. Waiting fervently for a copy of his album to review for the Journal. It’s finally arrived and I’ve spent the last two weeks letting the Captain’s smooth operatic voice slide into my ears.

Hidden Gems by Captain of the Lost Waves costs £12.00 and is available from the main website.

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Every Black Day EP sampler review

I first met Dave Redford from Every Black Day at a video shoot for another band The Storm Trees. Richard Nettleship had asked for steampunks as extras in his video and we both gave our time to help make it happen. I reported on it, which you can see by following this link. Dave is also a member of Sheffield Steampunk Society so when we saw each other again – admittedly a year or so later – he gave me a CD which contains a selection of the band’s music. Every Black Day have been around since 2012 and have been working the local gig scene … Continue reading Every Black Day EP sampler review

The Dark Design – Three Wishes EP review

While at the Phoenix Alternative Festival, one of the acts I managed to watch was The Dark Design. The band aren’t a typical three-piece. Not only in the way that there can be anything up to ten of them. But that they inject steampunk directly into the operation of their percussion. Steampunk influences bands in many ways; be it through lyrical content, instruments used, fashion or character development. Othneil and co go about it somewhat differently though. According to legend their percussion system is operated by a long deceased member of the band called Daphne Desilva. It’s actually an automaton percussive system designed, built and operated … Continue reading The Dark Design – Three Wishes EP review

Dinosaurs Ate My Caravan – Biscuithead & The Biscuit Badgers album review

Biscuithead & The Biscuit Badgers overview Biscuithead & The Biscuit Badgers first came to my attention while I was attending Whitby Steampunk Weekend in July 2017. I was impressed, not just by their obvious skill as musicians, but as the comedy act that they so obviously are. While in the Green Room chatting to Captain of the Lost Waves, I managed to introduce myself to the band. Dean, the lead singer, was kind enough to provide me with a copy of their latest album “Dinosaurs Ate My Caravan” Normally the CD only costs £5.00 and is available from their website. The album is a 16 track … Continue reading Dinosaurs Ate My Caravan – Biscuithead & The Biscuit Badgers album review

The Hearse Song by Mr. E’s Ghastly Murder – Review

When people say they wonder what happens when die, they’re generally alluding to the spirit or soul. They speculate what happens to us on an ethereal level. Nobody really covers what actually happens to our physical form. This mass of globby carbon that transports our spirit around the planet for decades before failing on us. It seems that it’s up to Mr. E to explain it, and explain it he does in all it’s vile and nasty details. Called The Hearse Song (The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out), Mr. E creates a dark ambient vibe. Opening on a storm with a single bell toll … Continue reading The Hearse Song by Mr. E’s Ghastly Murder – Review

Gurdybird – Different Ships music review

One of the most fascinating parts of steampunk for me is the diversity. The chance for people to be themselves wholly. Not having to conform to a certain preconceived notion of how we should dress, the era that we should be interested in and – indeed – the music that we should listen to. It’s this welcoming openness that allows artists such as Gurdybird an opportunity to explore her art by using unconventional instruments of a bygone era. Different Ships – Different Long Splices by Gurdybird costs around £10 and is available from Steampunk Records The Hurdy-gurdy The Hurdy-gurdy is a stringed instrument. To look at … Continue reading Gurdybird – Different Ships music review

Victor & The Bully Deathbed Confessions album review


Deathbed Confessions Introduction

Deathbed Confessions is the debut album of Victor & The Bully, who have been around since 2013. During that time they’ve been busy touring around Britain getting their name known on the steampunk circuit. In this review, I’m having a listen to see if it’s worthy of staying in my CD collection.

Deathbed Confessions costs £10 and is available from their BigCartel page here: Victor and The Bully album Continue reading “Victor & The Bully Deathbed Confessions album review”

BB Blackdog No.Two album review


BB Blackdog No. Two album review Introduction

No. Two is the second album from British Steampunk Rock band BB Blackdog. Complete with artwork by Russ Leech (Dr Who comic strip illustrator) and German engineering, the 12 track album is available for £9.99 at Steampunk Records:

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