New Jacobin Club – Soldiers of the Mark review

Introduction Soldiers of the Mark is the fifth album from Canadian crazies New Jacobin Club. The six piece band fronted by founder The Horde have recently returned from their short tour of Britain. This album tells the story of a Hellfire Club that summons demons to scourge the Earth. Soldiers of the Mark is available on 12inch vinyl. It starts at $18 for the black version. there are coloured vinyl options for a slightly higher price. It’s also available on CD for $8.00 to download or $12.00 for the Deluxe CD pack which includes five extra tracks. Overview The fifth album of the Canadian based band … Continue reading New Jacobin Club – Soldiers of the Mark review

Professor Elemental ApeQuest album review

Introduction The newest album from the good Professor centres around the mysterious disappearance of his apish butler Geoffrey. A lot of energy has been poured into this album and it includes an accompanying comic book, script and Assam tea blend. Prices start at £8.00 for the digital download of the album or £10.00 for the physical copy. Alternatively you can get the Deluxe pack for £20.00 which includes digital downloads of the album, comic, full script, four collector’s edition postcards and an ApeQuest badge. For more information, you can visit the main website by following this link: Professor Elemental website Overview Did you notice that over … Continue reading Professor Elemental ApeQuest album review

Mr Strange’s Wonderful World of Weird album review

Introduction I’ve been sitting on this album for over a year as I try to get the Journal into some kind of professional looking outfit worthy of placing an album like this on the pages. So here we are. Now I like to see a certain element of entertainment when I choose my musical interests. That’s why I like such varied musical tastes as Steam Powered Giraffe, Professor Elemental, Marilyn Manson and Slipknot. While they’re all very different in their musical styles, there’s no denying their ability to create characters from charming Victorian rap to depraved psychotic metal. Mr Strange are in a completely different league. … Continue reading Mr Strange’s Wonderful World of Weird album review

Professor Elemental – The Indifference Engine review

It’s highly unlikely that if you’re a steampunk you won’t have heard of Professor Elemental. The alter-ego of MC Elemental is an inventing time travelling professor with a monkey butler and an affinity for tea. 2009 saw his debut album The Indifference Engine, a ten tracker that covers steampunk, tea, parties and even features a diss song to Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer.

The Indifference Engine can be bought from the Professor Elemental website for £6.00 by following the link here: The Indifference Engine by Professor Elemental.

You will also notice that individual tracks can be downloaded for just 50p each. Continue reading “Professor Elemental – The Indifference Engine review”