American rules

america_tea_duellingArticle 1.1 A duel as constituted under the auspices of the International Association of Tea Duelling shall be known as a “Tiffin Party”

Article 1.2 The only permissiable beverage is tea. Coffee and chocolate are strictly prohibited. This beverage should be no less than 65 degrees celsius at the time of competition. The beverage should be known as the “Brew Martial

Article 1.3 The drinking vessel, known as “The Keg” must be of appropriate depth in order to accept a 75% dunk of the biscuit. Kegs should be ideally be of pottery or metal but other materials permitted as required.

Article 1.4 Upon the approval of the Tiffin Master and agreement of all combatants, a duellist may use their own personal drinking vessel as “The Keg”.

Article 1.5 The provision of the Brew Martial along with the approval of Kegs etc shall be the responsibility of the “Pot Master or Mistress”. (See section 2)

Article 2.1 The duel shall be facilitated by the appointed officer known as the “Pot Master / Mistress”. The Pot Master is responsible for supervision of Kegs and Brew Martial. The Pot Master is also responsible for the provision of suitable bisquits.  (See section 3)

Article 2.2 The duel shall be presided over by an official known as the “Tiffin Master”.  When honour requires satisfaction and insufficient suitably qualified officers are present the Pot Master and Tiffin master may be embodied in one person.

Article 3.1 The Tiffin Master shall present the bisquits. In the United States, the preferred biscuit is the Pepperidge Farm Chessman.

Article 4.1 Each duel should be attended by the two protagonists or “duellists”. All accept fully the articles of the honourable association. In a duel of honor versus a tourney duel, seconds can be utilized.

Article 4.2 Should a dunker suffer a crisis of confidence and withdraw before the duel then their second should step into the breach. The second will be afforded full honours.

Article 5.1 The duel will begin with the laying out of the bisquits.  Six bisquits will be lain upon a white napkin on a serving plate.  Biscuits are placed face down in order to randomize selection.

Article 5.2 The Pot Master will supervise the provision of the Kegs of Martial Brew and check the biscuit integrity to be ready for the duel to commence.

Article 6.1 The dunkers will take their kegs of brew martial and place them on the table which is set up between them.

Article 6.2 The Tiffin Master will place the charger of bisquits on the table between the dunkers.

Article 6.3 On the command “choose your weapons” the dunkers will each select a single bisquit.  No handling or replacing of bisquits is permitted. If a dunker touches a biscuit, that biscuit is theirs for the tournament. A flawed biscuit must still be played.

Article 6.4 The Tiffin Master will give the order “On My Mark” and both bisquits will be positioned over the appropriate keg using thumb and one finger only for grip. Using additional fingers is considered a foul and will result in a bagging.

Article 6.5 On the command “Dunk” both dunkers will immediately and swiftly lower their bisquit into the Brew Martial. The biscuit must be dunked 75% of the way into the Brew Martial. The Tiffin Master may declare a foul or “a bagging” against any dunker who unduly delays their dunk and the bisquits will be removed and discarded. A foul may also be declared if a dunker does not lower their biscuit 75% of the way into the Brew Martial. Replacement bisquits will be chosen by both dunkers from the remaining four. If a dunker receives 2 Baggings, he or she forfeits.

Article 6.6 If the Tiffin Master is happy that there has been a clean dunk (s)he shall count to five. Dunkers shall not remove their bisquit from the brew martial before the Tiffin Master calls “five”.

Article 6.7 Once five has been counted and the bisquit removed the dunkers shall attempt to eat the bisquit.  94% (both wet and dry biscuit) as adjudged by the Tiffin Master must end up in the dunker’s mouth for a clean “Nom”. The Pot Master can be called on as an additional referee.

Article 7.1 If a bisquit falls back into the brew martial this is known as a “splash” and the dunker is scratched.

Article 7.2 If a bisquit falls onto the table or floor etc this is known as a  “Splatter” and the dunker is scratched.

Article 7.3 If the majority of the bisquit falls onto the dunker’s chest this is known as a “splodge” and the dunker is scratched with honor. A scratch with honor can only occur when there is no clean nom for either duellist. Dunkers who achieve a scratch with honor can be called back to the duelling table in a tournament with uneven numbers going into a subsequent round. The scratch with honor protocol is at the discretion of the Tiffin Master.

Article 7.4 Where both dunkers manage a clean Nom then the dunker who last mouthed their bisquit is considered to be the victor with their opponent defeated.

Article 8.0 American Tea Duelling Society tournaments are single elimination, with only one match being played at a time.

Article 8.1 In preliminary tourney rounds, both dunkers can be eliminated if neither party achieves a clean nom. In the final tourney duel, dunkers will compete until there is a single winner.

Article 8.2 In the case of uneven numbers going into a final, at the discretion of the combatants and the officials, a 3 way final can be played. All rules stay in force.

Article 9.0 The so called “Ninja Hold” is illegal. This is any attempt to dangle the biscuit from above the mouth in order to use the pull of gravity as an aid to a clean nom. The biscuit must move to the mouth in a line generally parallel to the floor.

Article 9.1 One elbow is allowed on the table. The other arm or hand is not allowed on the table. The non-holding hand is also prohibited from steadying the biscuit arm.

The American Tea Duelling Society

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