Image copyright Ruud de Korte
Constance Bashford with Steampunk Journal Editor Matthew deMaris

Interview with Curtis Allen – Steampunk gift card illustrator

Interview with Eva Gordon – Steampunk Novellist

Interview with Kirstie Williams of CuriousCephalopods

Capital! Steampunks group

Rabiah Al-Sibai – Datamancer Labs

Scarlet Butterfly – Pole Artist

Constance Bashford – Steampunk model

Dennis Consorte – Scrapyard Empire co-developer

Bruce Feldman – Furniture maker

Ruud de Korte – Steampunk photographer

Poison Garden – Italian steampunk screamo band

Black Horse Fairy – British alternative time-travel band

Michael Young – Head of White Rose Steampunks and ever-present event steampunk

Jo Dee Neal – Organiser of Leeds Steampunk Market

Professor Elemental – Chap hop artist


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