Octopus chosen as model for first squishy robot

Is the Octobot a prototype for a ruling automated Cthulhu of the future?The diverse and complex Octopus has been chosen as the model for a new type of robot that is being developed. There are plenty of positive reasons to develop this kind of robot. A robot that can squeeze through small gaps is perfect for search and rescue. The soft parts won’t hurt a person and will be less likely to wear down. What other creature has demonstrated those tendencies other than the Octopus? Continue reading “Octopus chosen as model for first squishy robot”

Steampunk Emporium book review

Steampunk Emporium cover
Steampunk Emporium cover

Steampunk Emporium is a “How-To” book written by Jema Hewitt who is arguably better known by her alter ego Emilly Ladybird. The book shows aspiring steampunk creators how to make their own “jewellery, devices and cogs” from a variety of materials. The list price is $27.99 USD (£17.99) although I found one online for as little as $16.79 (£10.79). Continue reading “Steampunk Emporium book review”

Victorian urinal is Britain’s ugliest listed building

Victorian "Pissoir" in Devon, UK
Victorian “Pissoir” in Devon, UK

Locals have called it “the Ugliest Listed Building in the UK” and it’s one of 5 remaining public urinals from the Victorian era. Originally designed and built by George Jennings, the amusingly named “Pissoir” has now been granted a facelift after years of vandalism and neglect. Continue reading “Victorian urinal is Britain’s ugliest listed building”

Steampunk News round up 17/02/2015

Pitt-Greensburg Theatre Company Spring Production: Jekyll/Hyde set in Steampunk Victorian… Westmoreland County Times The Steampunk theme is a creative element added by Stephen Schrum, PhD, associate professor of Theatre and director of the spring production. Steampunk Meets 3D Printing: Our Top 7 3D Printed Steampunk Designs 3DPrint.com Steampunk is a genre that many are familiar with but don’t actually know much about. They are familiar with books, movies… Style Stop: Calyx Moore GazetteNET Her style: I’m really into something called Steampunk. It’s a style of dress and subculture of science-fiction. It’s all really fluffy dresses and corsets and… Was the … Continue reading Steampunk News round up 17/02/2015