Heresy n Heelz Alternative & Burlesque Fair birthday revisit

alternative & burlesque fair performer
Slinky Sparkles. Copyright photofairground, used with permission

I mentioned in the Journal’s birthday post that the Alternative & Burlesque Fair was my first official press event, so I thought it fitting that, as they were back in Sheffield so close to the anniversary, I would pay them another visit and I’m ever so glad that I did. Continue reading “Heresy n Heelz Alternative & Burlesque Fair birthday revisit”

Young illustrator takes a steampunk approach

While perusing the curiosities of the Alternative & Burlesque Fair, I happened upon a young lady that creates the most lovely illustrations. Her name is Chloe Winn and not only is she very pretty (and a tad shy), she’s very skilled at what she does. I managed to get a photograph of her holding one of her creations. Her inspiration comes from Abigail Larson, Arthur Rackham and Jeremy Hush. Chloe’s illustrations began thanks to her keen interest in costumes, steampunk, nautical history, illustration and drinking copious amounts of earl grey. She’s currently working on new material and I have to … Continue reading Young illustrator takes a steampunk approach

Emma Brackenbury – steampunk jewellery maker

I met lots of lovely people while visiting the Alternative & Burlesque Fair in Sheffield. One such person was Emma Brackenbury. Emma is a costume jewellery maker that she designs and makes with elements of steampunk. Her table was scattered with oddities and curios that she’d made. Some only taking a matter of days, which – to me – shows a degree of skill that some of us can only dream of. With any luck, I’ll be getting a review sample in, so you can all appreciate her work. In the mean time, you can interface with her on Facebook … Continue reading Emma Brackenbury – steampunk jewellery maker