Free help for Authors wishing to self-publish

I found this press release recently and I’ve toyed with posting it as it may simply be a vehicle to get money out of hard earned aspiring authors. I would suggest reading fully what is required of you to take part in the free advice section. It may be that you have to subscribe. Only do that once you’re sure they don’t want you to get into a monthly payment or one off. Unless you want to, of course. I entered into a similar website for photography. I haven’t paid anything and I do keep getting a few emails with … Continue reading Free help for Authors wishing to self-publish

A letter to the Journal

steampunk_style_COMPETITION_GRAPHIC_WINNERI’ve never been a person motivated by wealth or greed. My career has been littered with low pay jobs because I would rather enjoy my job and scrape by than hate my job and get paid well. What I do get a kick out of is helping others. I try to help others as often as I can and most of the time it goes unnoticed. That’s not something I’m too bothered about, though. I don’t help people for the glory, but it’s nice to hear some positive feedback. Continue reading “A letter to the Journal”

Attack of the Atomic Airships book review

Attack of the Atomic Airships by Steven Harrison
Attack of the Atomic Airships front cover

Great steampunk adventures do not feel complete without airships, action, adventure and Queensbury rules. Attack of the Atomic Airships! is a fantastic book filled with adventures, mechanical wonders and an abundance of humour that would be a great read for most young adults. This book can be found on brand new priced at £6.99 and is also available on Kindle for £1.98. Continue reading “Attack of the Atomic Airships book review”