Mr Strange’s Wonderful World of Weird album review

Introduction I’ve been sitting on this album for over a year as I try to get the Journal into some kind of professional looking outfit worthy of placing an album like this on the pages. So here we are. Now I like to see a certain element of entertainment when I choose my musical interests. That’s why I like such varied musical tastes as Steam Powered Giraffe, Professor Elemental, Marilyn Manson and Slipknot. While they’re all very different in their musical styles, there’s no denying their ability to create characters from charming Victorian rap to depraved psychotic metal. Mr Strange are in a completely different league. … Continue reading Mr Strange’s Wonderful World of Weird album review

Is it any surprise that Steampunk’d got canned?

steampunk'd_cancelledThe maker programme Steampunk’d “will not be picked up for a second season” (being British that’s the last time I’ll use the word season to describe a series in this article) according to the GSN blog page. GSN being the network that commissioned it in the first place. The eight episode show was widely criticised by steampunks and away from that had other, more popular programmes to contend with including Skin Wars and The Chase USA. Continue reading “Is it any surprise that Steampunk’d got canned?”