Angry writer puts down steampunk, steampunk responds


I get the feeling that Josh Ishiro Finney doesn’t like steampunk. In an article he wrote for, he angrily writes about how the term “punk” has been diluted and the meaning lost as steampunk has turned from a gritty dystopian alternate reality stuck in the 19th century into a group of terribly polite nerds who are too lazy for Victoriana. Continue reading “Angry writer puts down steampunk, steampunk responds”

Steampunk Emporium book review

Steampunk Emporium cover
Steampunk Emporium cover

Steampunk Emporium is a “How-To” book written by Jema Hewitt who is arguably better known by her alter ego Emilly Ladybird. The book shows aspiring steampunk creators how to make their own “jewellery, devices and cogs” from a variety of materials. The list price is $27.99 USD (£17.99) although I found one online for as little as $16.79 (£10.79). Continue reading “Steampunk Emporium book review”