Steampunk is NOT Victorian Science Fiction

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This article is one of several that are an attempt to address the problems within the steampunk community. These problems are not the doing of steampunks who enjoy the culture, but of those who wish to only make profit from it.

It’s a common misconception that steampunk is Victorian Science Fiction. I fully believed this misconception until I discovered what I believe to be the truth. I believe this because it makes a lot more logical sense. This description of steampunk has been hidden under a veil of deceit by clever people who simply want to further their own career. It’s done by convincing you that their opinion of steampunk is the correct opinion and removing any that disagree. Continue reading “Steampunk is NOT Victorian Science Fiction”

Museum supporting steampunk wins Person of the Year

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As punks, we’re all accustomed to breaking the rules; not conforming to what those rum coves in office say we have to do! One thing I’m proud of as a dweller of Sheffield is that it has the only building in the UK that has an ASBO. Simply because ASBO’s are only for people and this broke conformity. Thankfully, the nightclub has since closed, but the sense of obscure pride is still there. Continue reading “Museum supporting steampunk wins Person of the Year”

80 Days comes to Android

80 Days comes to Android

Video game makers Inkle have released an Android version of 80 Days. They say it’s a steampunk game based on Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days. You get to travel your way around the globe as fast as you can in order to complete the challenge.

In the press release (below) the makers have specified that the graphics are Art Deco which – while being very nice – are around 40 years after steampunk generally has a setting. However, you get to interact with hundreds of people across 7 continents and 150 cities.

It’s devised as a choose your own adventure style game with over 10,000 choices that you can make and nearly an entire world to travel around. It certainly sounds like an interesting concept. It’s available from the Google Play store or Amazon for around £3. Continue reading “80 Days comes to Android”