Arthur Shilling creator speaks to the Journal

Back on August 6, I published a page in the Journal about Chris Nicholls and his attempt to gain funding through Kickstarter for his steampunk comic book project; Arthur Shilling. Since then, the project has nearly reached fruition and is on the cusp of success. There are only 10 days to go, so I had a little chat with Chris to get some more information on his project. It’s wonderful of you to take the time out of your hectic schedule to talk to me, Chris. As you know, the Journal centres around the steampunk culture and your comic seems … Continue reading Arthur Shilling creator speaks to the Journal

New steampunk comic series seeks funding

As I perused vastness of the electronic web today, I received a request from a delightful chap. Turns out he’s got a splendid idea for a steampunk themed comic series called Arthur Shilling and he’s looking to Kickstarter for funding to get it going. Naturally, he turned to the Journal as a friend of the people to ask for some exposure and I’m only too happy to document a chapter for him. I’ll set out the press release below, but it seems the adventure is all about our aforementioned protagonist Mr. Shilling. He’s a Paranormal Investigator and Gentleman Engineer and … Continue reading New steampunk comic series seeks funding