Chronology of a steampunk universe

9880Before we start, this isn’t an article documenting the historical time line of the creation of steampunk. I’ve been very careful with how I word the title. It’s a chronology of A steampunk universe, not THE steampunk universe. Yours could be very different.

I’m trying to work out where steampunk starts and ends. There are a variety of theories, so I figured I would put mine out there as well. Continue reading “Chronology of a steampunk universe”

Steampunk News round up 17/02/2015

Pitt-Greensburg Theatre Company Spring Production: Jekyll/Hyde set in Steampunk Victorian… Westmoreland County Times The Steampunk theme is a creative element added by Stephen Schrum, PhD, associate professor of Theatre and director of the spring production. Steampunk Meets 3D Printing: Our Top 7 3D Printed Steampunk Designs Steampunk is a genre that many are familiar with but don’t actually know much about. They are familiar with books, movies… Style Stop: Calyx Moore GazetteNET Her style: I’m really into something called Steampunk. It’s a style of dress and subculture of science-fiction. It’s all really fluffy dresses and corsets and… Was the … Continue reading Steampunk News round up 17/02/2015