Steampunk inventor Richard “Datamancer” Nagy dies?

Boing Boing has posted an obituary about Richard R Nagy – better known as Datamancer – losing his life in a car accident. The obvious use of the word “apparently” suggests that they’re not entirely sure. The Gatehouse has also reported on it and they don’t seem 100% positive either. If it’s true, then the loss of his life will be felt throughout the steampunk community. Everyone is familiar with his legendary steampunk laptops and other contraptions that he seemed to get perfect every time. Indeed, I was only reading an interview with him on Thursday that discussed his newest … Continue reading Steampunk inventor Richard “Datamancer” Nagy dies?

Best examples: Canes

One of the accessories that can be described as an embodiment of Victoriana, if not steampunk, is the cane. Originally designed and used as a leaning or walking aid, the cane is generally used these days as a fashion accessory. Steampunks have taken canes to their hearts as they were popular in the past with the upper class and because they can be modified. So here, in glorious Technicolor, are a few of the best canes around today. Related articles Most Popular Canes for Men Huge Varieties of Fashionable Walking Canes for Women Continue reading Best examples: Canes