Today’s youth have yesterday’s ideals

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Kids of today, eh? Being all polite and not getting into.. er… trouble.. That’s what recent studies are revealing anyway. And if the hype is to be believed, then the younger generation – or Millenials – are employing Victorian principles to their way of life. Continue reading “Today’s youth have yesterday’s ideals”

Dashing Editor features in student mock magazine

I received an email from a lady in America regarding the article I wrote about what we’ll do when oil eventually runs out. She asked my permission to replicate the article for a mock magazine she was designing for a journalism course she’s on. Being a friend to the people, I naturally said yes and since then she’s sent me a copy of the article. I’m very proud that my article was chosen and I’d like to wish Melody all the best in her future career. You can read the original article from July 2013 here: Why steampunk could take … Continue reading Dashing Editor features in student mock magazine