Splendid interview with Professor Elemental

Professor Elemental portrait circa: 1881
Professor Elemental portrait circa: 1881

Professor Elemental is one of the most interesting characters in the steampunk community. From his recording studio at Elemental Manors, he creates beloved chap-hop tracks including Splendid, Elixir, Fighting Trousers (his diss song to Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer) as well as A Fete Worse than Death and Steampowered which directly references our charming sub-culture.

Despite his ridiculously busy schedule, I managed to corner him to ask a few questions about Geoffrey, Mr. B and tickling horses. Continue reading “Splendid interview with Professor Elemental”

Steampunk LEGO Batman

A title that has three of the most wonderful words in the English language. So imagine my delight when stumbling across the work of Jonas Legopard. He’s constructed a Batman and Batcave from LEGO in a steampunk theme. It looks very dapper and he’s even set up Batman with a top hat! Take a look at his work by following the link below: Jonas Legopard on Flickr Related articles This Walking Steampunk Lego Ship Is The Perfect Combination Of Creepy And Cool Continue reading Steampunk LEGO Batman