Chronology of a steampunk universe – The Present

The laptop that started it all
The first Datamancer steampunk laptop

Considering the fact that we’re submerged in a culture that hasn’t moved past design of the 19th century, incorporating the present day into steampunk is both challenging and inventive. One of my favourite parts of steampunk is taking something completely modern and giving it a design that looks like it was made over 100 years ago. Nobody did that better than Datamancer, in my opinion, although there are some wonderful creators on the scene now. Continue reading “Chronology of a steampunk universe – The Present”

Catwoman takes on a steampunk theme in Injustice

I say, I visited a friend of mine during the week as a pre-emptive catch up before our weekend exploits of drinking, smoking and debauchery. We decided to spend the evening playing Injustice on Microsoft’s electronic gaming console. My word, along with being a stellar game, have you seen Catwoman? I don’t profess to being that interested in video games or the characters, but really! I actually think I may be a little bit in love. See the pictures for yourself and try to deny it. Related articles Steampunk LEGO Batman Discover steampunk at Milleville’s Third Friday event Continue reading Catwoman takes on a steampunk theme in Injustice

Steampunk LEGO Batman

A title that has three of the most wonderful words in the English language. So imagine my delight when stumbling across the work of Jonas Legopard. He’s constructed a Batman and Batcave from LEGO in a steampunk theme. It looks very dapper and he’s even set up Batman with a top hat! Take a look at his work by following the link below: Jonas Legopard on Flickr Related articles This Walking Steampunk Lego Ship Is The Perfect Combination Of Creepy And Cool Continue reading Steampunk LEGO Batman