Chronology of a steampunk universe – The Present

The laptop that started it all
The first Datamancer steampunk laptop

Considering the fact that we’re submerged in a culture that hasn’t moved past design of the 19th century, incorporating the present day into steampunk is both challenging and inventive. One of my favourite parts of steampunk is taking something completely modern and giving it a design that looks like it was made over 100 years ago. Nobody did that better than Datamancer, in my opinion, although there are some wonderful creators on the scene now. Continue reading “Chronology of a steampunk universe – The Present”

Colourful pocket watches Imagineered

Rewind watch
Rewind watch

I have been in touch with Starling and they have been telling me about their steampunk pocket watches. They’re a joint enterprise between Frank Cohen and Terri Hardin Jackson – a Disney Imagineer with ten years design experience for the famous animation studios. The six designs each have a back story which covers their creation and their magical powers. The latter is backed up with the watch utilising a Chillovean glow effect that has a 16 million colour gamut. Continue reading “Colourful pocket watches Imagineered”