Are Steampunks Running the Risk of Losing their Polite Reputation?

Datamancer Seafarer keyboard £1,372.69The internet is a wonderful place. It holds all of human wisdom and knowledge. It’s a place where you can go and voice your opinion knowing that someone out there will see it. Over the years it’s gotten to be a place where the people who would normally simply sound off to a few friends in the pub now have a platform of thousands, if not millions to listen to them. Continue reading “Are Steampunks Running the Risk of Losing their Polite Reputation?”

Imperial Play selects CashBet to power steampunk social casino

OAKLAND, California – November 16, 2017: Imperial Play have announced a partnership with CashBet to power their new steampunk themed social casino. Through the partnership, CashBet will be Imperial Play’s iGaming platform provider. Players will have access to 26 casino games including slots tournaments. There will also be a meta game for steampunk builders. Expected release is early 2018.   James Poole, CEO of Imperial Play, said: “Our upcoming online entertainment and lifestyle hub will marry fantasy with reality, offering players a virtual steampunk world of gaming. By leveraging CashBet’s turnkey platform, we will enable a unique and superior casino … Continue reading Imperial Play selects CashBet to power steampunk social casino

Weekend at the Asylum 9 report

Weekend at the Asylum IXIf you’re a steampunk of any level of interest, you must have heard the word “Asylum” bandied around recently. Unless you live under a rock. Or under a big pile of socks which happen to provide superb sound proofing. Or if you’ve been on a trip to Pluto to collect vital rock samples and regrettably didn’t return until after the August bank Holiday.

An event attended by thousands of steampunks and non-steampunks alike, this year reached around the 120,000 mark over the course of the extended weekend. Continue reading “Weekend at the Asylum 9 report”

The Hellfire Club opens to Membership

The Hellfire Club imagesAt the back end of last year a crowdfunding campaign to launch a new steampunk themed photography gallery site was started. Since then the creator has been organising shoots to put on the site as well as building it. Who is this enigmatic photographer with a vision for a community of steampunks to enjoy gathering together to discuss the finer points of the culture while appreciating the human body? Well, it’s me! Moriarty Viccar… Continue reading “The Hellfire Club opens to Membership”

Professor T Bottom’s Toffee Vodka review

Prof T Bottom is a firm favourite at the steampunk events organised by David Smith. David organises events such as the Crewe Convivial and the Sandbach Steampunk Market that I recently attended. You may remember I picked up a small bottle of Toffee Vodka from the Prof and wanted to review it. It was actually the Prof that got David on the road to steampunk and neither of them have really looked back. They help one another with the organisation of the events. The Prof deals with the bar in the evenings and has a stand selling his interesting wares. In this review, though, we’re concentrating … Continue reading Professor T Bottom’s Toffee Vodka review

Cryptex USB Flash Drive review

The Cryptex from Steampunk Junkies is a portable USB storage device housed in a brass outer casing. Arguably its main feature is the mechanical numerical locking system. In order to access the USB stick and its contents, the correct combination must be input onto the cylindrical body. It works in the same way that a bicycle lock works by twisting each of the (five) rotating discs and aligning them together. Available as three options: 16Gb(£31 UK), 32Gb (£41 UK) and 64Gb (£61 UK) -the latter comes in gold. They’re available from the Steampunk Junkies website. The name Cryptex comes from the film “The Da Vinci Code” … Continue reading Cryptex USB Flash Drive review

A visit to Sandbach Steampunk Market

Sandbach Steampunk Market visit

April 2017 marks the 30th anniversary of when the word steampunk first appeared in print form in a note to Locus magazine by author KW Jeter. You will have no doubt noticed that to celebrate we’ve been throwing things at readers for the past month. Not content with doing only that, Phoebe has been visiting the huge International Steampunk Symposium. I, on the other hand, decided to do something a little quieter and opted for the very first Sandbach Steampunk Market.

Please click on the links for the people listed here and have a look at their websites or give them a like on social media. After all, steampunk is all about supporting each other so let’s keep it that way. Continue reading “A visit to Sandbach Steampunk Market”

Artist Spotlight – Evan Butterfield

Excerpt from “Gentlemen of Steampunk II” by Evan Butterfield Master Aengineer Tobey Fenloque is one of the most little-known of the early Steam Age pioneers, although his work was amongst the most visible at the time, and remains so today. Still, while schoolchildren can cadently recite the Rhyme of the Four Founders (“Thornbrussel, Mayben, and Pembrooke, and Bell/These are the men we remember so well…”), it is to Fenloque’s work that they owe the rhythms of their daily lives. For it was Tobey Fenloque whose insights and invention drove the steamification of Tall Tom himself, and enshrined that massive timepiece … Continue reading Artist Spotlight – Evan Butterfield

Artist spotlight – Evan Butterfield

Phenabel Dartsworth

Excerpt from “Gentlemen of Steampunk II” by Evan Butterfield

Perhaps no single individual did more to establish the character of what we think of when we hear the phrase, “Imperial Age of Steam” than did Mr. Phenabel Dartsworth. While a minor figure in the annals of imperial history, and certainly little more than a discreet footnote in the archives of the great academies and institutes, Dartsworth nonetheless holds pride of place in the pantheon of those who made the first century of the Steam Empire what it is in the minds of men and women today. For it was Phenabel Dartsworth who, in a dimly-lit workshop situated just off the tiny kitchen of his un-noteworthy flat in the area of the central City known then as Pilford-Temmish (today’s Riverside Muse), invented the augmented disintegumentation-matrix ocular enhancement device—or, as it is more popularly known, the “goggle.”

Continue reading “Artist spotlight – Evan Butterfield”