Victorian clothed couple get refused into Victorian gardens

Gabriel and Sarah Chrisman enjoy a day cycling in the sunshine
Gabriel and Sarah Chrisman live as Victorians, but a recent experience has given a media outlet a platform to incite racial tension. Copyright Gabriel & Sarah Chrisman. Image used with kind permission.

Did you hear about Sarah and Gabriel Chrisman recently? They’re the Victorian era loving couple I reported on a while ago. They dress in 19th century clothing and use as much 19th century technology as they can to try and live “like the Victorians”. For their 14th wedding anniversary this year, they travelled to Victoria, BC (British Columbia) and as part of the trip planned a visit to the Victorian Gardens. It makes sense that a couple who live for the late 19th century would want to visit there. The local tourist office should also have been excited to have them there simply as an interesting talking point and maybe attract more customers. The couple have a website that ranks well in the Alexa rankings and have a growing fanbase on social media. Continue reading “Victorian clothed couple get refused into Victorian gardens”