Concerning steampunks

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Steampunk is a wonderful culture that is more of a movement than a fashion statement and more of a way of life than a hobby. Being a steampunk means becoming part of a global community where Victorian principles of politeness and etiquette are blended with 21st century tolerance and acceptance. To be a steampunk means to be splendid to everyone. There’s a wonderful array of people that enjoy steampunk. You don’t have to be from a particular somewhere, like a certain type of person or even be in the right skin. Hopefully your new journey through steampunk will be one filled with joy, laughter and cake. Continue reading “Concerning steampunks”

Author releases steampunk debut novel, The Vitruvian Heir

The Vitruvian Heir book cover
The Vitruvian Heir book cover

Boston, Massachusetts, February 14, 2015: New England author L.S. Kilroy recently released her debut novel, The Vitruvian Heir. A futuristic dystopian work with steampunk influence, The Vitruvian Heir touches upon intense social issues that will leave one thinking about it long after it’s been read. Continue reading “Author releases steampunk debut novel, The Vitruvian Heir”