The Swinghoppers – Welcome to the Family EP review

The Swinghoppers are a three piece musical outfit fusing the vintage sounds of swing music with updated styles of hip hop. Frontman Offbeat provides the majority of the lyrics. Supported by PYE (or Pieman – wait, is he from the Illicit Market at Asylum?) with raps or impressive beatboxing and singing from Sharleena Ray. I first heard about The Swinghoppers via their newest single Tea Total which features steampunk lovable rogue Professor Elemental. After a brief chat, they kindly sent me their new EP to have a listen to. This is the Swinghoppers EP review. Continue reading “The Swinghoppers – Welcome to the Family EP review”

Professor Elemental – The Indifference Engine review

It’s highly unlikely that if you’re a steampunk you won’t have heard of Professor Elemental. The alter-ego of MC Elemental is an inventing time travelling professor with a monkey butler and an affinity for tea. 2009 saw his debut album The Indifference Engine, a ten tracker that covers steampunk, tea, parties and even features a diss song to Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer.

The Indifference Engine can be bought from the Professor Elemental website for £6.00 by following the link here: The Indifference Engine by Professor Elemental.

You will also notice that individual tracks can be downloaded for just 50p each. Continue reading “Professor Elemental – The Indifference Engine review”

Professor Elemental wants to make the internet splendid!


I’ve been contacted by the splendid Professor Elemental (adventurer, tea drinker and bad ass emcee) to spread the word about his latest venture. His newest record is called Don’t Feed the Trolls and is a campaign to end trolling by simply ignoring them. After all, the reason they do it is to start arguments. Then they’ll either argue it out or slip out of the loop and watch everyone squabble among themselves.

The target to make a video for the track has been reached already. The rest of the funds will be spread out to various charities. Have a read of the press release below and have a think about donating. Continue reading “Professor Elemental wants to make the internet splendid!”

Poll: What music genre captures the spirit of steampunk?

If I was to ask what band or artist was the most steampunk, we’d be here all day. I also saw an article recently that told us Electro Swing was the music choice for steampunk. I’m not entirely sure where that came from, so I thought I’d put it to you. Therefore, I’m curious to find out what type of music you think captures the spirit of steampunk. Related articles Steampunk model gets trouble for not being steampunk enough Continue reading Poll: What music genre captures the spirit of steampunk?

Announcement from Steampunk Experience


Steampunk Experience at Alt-Fest have released a statement regarding their future plans after the cancellation of Alt-Fest.
It seems that Dale Rowles of BB Blackdog – organiser of Steampunk Experience – has managed to salvage some form of an event and is now looking to secure last details. Read the official statement here:
Continue reading “Announcement from Steampunk Experience”

Poplock Holmes to appear at GEAR Con

First of all, GEAR Con means “The Gaslight Explorers, Adventurers, & Romantics Convention.” If you know what that means you are directed to the Doubletree Hotel, 1000 NE Multnomah Street in Portland on the weekend of Friday, July 5 through Sunday, July 7 for, “three days of art salons, makers’ workshops, masquerade balls, tabletop gaming, a Victorian martial arts symposium, a Steampunk fashion show, vendors, and uniquely thrilling retro-futurist entertainment every night. “This year sees the arrival of internationally-famous Steampunk supergroup, Abney Park. More music provided by the nation’s only live electro-swing band, Good Company, Poplock Holmes (Victorian hip-hop – … Continue reading Poplock Holmes to appear at GEAR Con