Colourful pocket watches Imagineered

Rewind watch
Rewind watch

I have been in touch with Starling and they have been telling me about their steampunk pocket watches. They’re a joint enterprise between Frank Cohen and Terri Hardin Jackson – a Disney Imagineer with ten years design experience for the famous animation studios. The six designs each have a back story which covers their creation and their magical powers. The latter is backed up with the watch utilising a Chillovean glow effect that has a 16 million colour gamut. Continue reading “Colourful pocket watches Imagineered”

Steampunk news round up 16/01/2014

Fantasticks play
The Fantasticks blends steampunk with more traditional

It’s such a delight to see what’s happening around the Old Empire which is why i bring you the weekly news round-up. If there’s any changes you’d like to see or if you’d like to contribute some news, then please get in touch. Not news like the news of the Gin Parlour that had been open for two years. Heavens no, I mean news that was released in the last couple of days. Until the next time, here’s a selection of what is happening on a continental plate near you. Continue reading “Steampunk news round up 16/01/2014”

Steampunk news round up 10/01/2014

Here’s the news from around the old Empire that has landed in my intray since my last news round up which was on the 28th December 2013. My apologies for the delay, but with Christmas and New Year selfishly getting in the way, I didn’t have the spare time to get one posted. Not to mention the distinct lack of news coming in. If you have any news you’d like posting on the Journal, email Unleashthefanboy have reviewed Legenderry: A steampunk Adventure. It’s a comic book series from Dynamite. CraveOnline have also had a read of Legenderry and reviewed … Continue reading Steampunk news round up 10/01/2014

Should I worry about steampunk?

Anatomy of Steampunk cover
Anatomy of Steampunk by Katherine Gleason

Is it wrong that I worry about the integrity of steampunk? I know I’m relatively new to the community and I hold no authority on what is right or wrong. No-one does, really. So why am I worried that the New York Post have ran an article on a steampunk book? The book looks very good. I think my concern is partly due to the suggestions of how to accessorise to get the “steampunk look” below the article. Continue reading “Should I worry about steampunk?”