Steampunk news round up 28/12/2013

steampunk motorcycle
BCR Steampunk Racer

Good day everyone, I hope you all had a merry Christmas and are looking forward to more festivities at the New Year. In the meantime, feast your eyes on marvels from around the globe such as a Dieselpunk motorbike that could have been mislabelled, an article on steampunk heroines and one reporter’s annoyance at having to buy young adult novels because they’re better than ones for his own age group. Enjoy. Continue reading “Steampunk news round up 28/12/2013”

News round up 19/12/2013

We’re nearing Christmas, Ladies and Gentlemen, and I hope you’ve planned something special for the festive period. I’m considering not posting over Christmas so I may go quiet for a few days, but fret not! In all likelihood, the news round up due on 26/12/2013 will simply be posted a few days later. Here is a small list of interesting items that have landed in my intray from around the known World in the past week. have reported on a marketing company that has set up a side project website selling hand-made steampunk goggles. have posted images of … Continue reading News round up 19/12/2013

Grassington Dickensian Festival 2013

copyright Steampunk Journal
White Rose steampunks warming up

I was invited by the White Rose steampunks Facebook group to meet them at the Dickensian Festival in Grassington today. It’s quite a drive from my home in Sheffield and my route finder took me on a peculiar journey. At first, I traversed the same roads as when I was on my way to Haworth including driving by the hotel I stayed at! Continue reading “Grassington Dickensian Festival 2013”

Best examples: Steampunk photography

Lex Machina photography
Copyright Lex Machina

With a background in photography, researching this article was a joy. The quality of work out there is breath taking. I will try to give credits and links where ever I can. If, however, you are the photographer of an image in this post and you require me to remove it, I will. I understand what it’s like, but rest assured, this post is celebrating the very best in quality photography of the steampunk genre. Continue reading “Best examples: Steampunk photography”