A visit to Sandbach Steampunk Market

Sandbach Steampunk Market visit

April 2017 marks the 30th anniversary of when the word steampunk first appeared in print form in a note to Locus magazine by author KW Jeter. You will have no doubt noticed that to celebrate we’ve been throwing things at readers for the past month. Not content with doing only that, Phoebe has been visiting the huge International Steampunk Symposium. I, on the other hand, decided to do something a little quieter and opted for the very first Sandbach Steampunk Market.

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Gurdybird – Different Ships music review

One of the most fascinating parts of steampunk for me is the diversity. The chance for people to be themselves wholly. Not having to conform to a certain preconceived notion of how we should dress, the era that we should be interested in and – indeed – the music that we should listen to. It’s this welcoming openness that allows artists such as Gurdybird an opportunity to explore her art by using unconventional instruments of a bygone era. Different Ships – Different Long Splices by Gurdybird costs around £10 and is available from Steampunk Records The Hurdy-gurdy The Hurdy-gurdy is a stringed instrument. To look at … Continue reading Gurdybird – Different Ships music review

A visit to Whitby Steampunk Weekend

Statue of Captain James Cook

Despite it’s relatively isolated location in the North East of England providing no large primary transportation links, Whitby has been one of the most popular places for steampunks, Goths and Vampires to visit for several years now. Immortalised in the works of Bram Stoker, the small fishing town already hosts two major events in the shape of Bram Stoker Film Festival and, of course, Whitby Goth Weekend. If that wasn’t enough, February 2017 saw the very first dedicated steampunk weekend held at the Pavilion, which is located at the top of a ridiculous amount of steps.

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