Is Feminism reversing women’s rights?

I’ve seen one or two articles about Sarah and Gabriel Chrisman recently. For some reason, they’re an object of interest for one or two newspapers due to the Victorian lifestyle that they lead. However, it was a comment that Sarah made about feminism while talking to the Hamilton Spectator that sparked my interest. Continue reading “Is Feminism reversing women’s rights?”

The history of the Corset

English: Corset from 1902. Il y a des femmes q...
English: Corset from 1902. Il y a des femmes qui lassent leurs amants plus vite que leur corset. (There are women who tire of their lovers faster than their corsets.) From La Vie Parisienne (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The corset is a staple outfit accessory of the steampunk lady. There are many reasons why steampunks think they have to wear them from thinking that it’s a requirement of an outfit, to simply wondering if they can squeeze into it. The history of the corset is fascinating and in this article, I’m looking at where it came from and how fashions changing through the centuries have forged it into the shape we know today. Continue reading “The history of the Corset”

Best examples: Corsets

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Steampunk Journal corset Best example 12

There’s nothing can turn the good old British stiff upper lip into a quivering blob of jelly than the corset. In Victorian times when they were at the height of fashion, they were designed to give a lady a feminine figure (whether she liked it or not) by forcing a tiny waist on her. This resulted in steady walking, squashed internal organs and a difficulty to breathe. Continue reading “Best examples: Corsets”

Fashion Corset shop increases steampunk line

The Fashion Corset Shop continues to expand it steampunk corset line with new exclusive designs. This week they introduced a beautiful new cream and brown steampunk corset, with matching jacket and belt. This beautiful new steampunk corset can be found on their website. The steampunk corsets offered by The Fashion Corset Shop are all steel boned authentic corsets. These beatiful corsets are made in satins, brocades, faux leather, and genuine leather. You will also find a great selection of steampunk skirts to go with your corset. If steampunk is not your style, don’t worry you can choose from over 400 … Continue reading Fashion Corset shop increases steampunk line