The 8th Deadly Sin by Victor & The Bully album review

Victor & The Bully are, frankly, a runaway success in the UK steampunk scene and have no signs of slowing down. Now their popularity is beginning to spread over to the USA. Entirely due to their catchy music, unique style and annoying likeability. Their highly anticipated second album dropped into the Steampunk Journal inbox a couple of days ago. We’ve had an exclusive first hearing of the new album in all its polished glory. Of course Matt & Harry have never been shy of showing their fans the music that they make as they complete each track. Go onto their Facebook page, or the more popular … Continue reading The 8th Deadly Sin by Victor & The Bully album review

Victor & The Bully Deathbed Confessions album review

Deathbed Confessions is the first album from Victor & The Bully
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Deathbed Confessions Introduction

Deathbed Confessions is the debut album of Victor & The Bully, who have been around since 2013. During that time they’ve been busy touring around Britain getting their name known on the steampunk circuit. In this review, I’m having a listen to see if it’s worthy of staying in my CD collection.

Deathbed Confessions costs £10 and is available from their BigCartel page here: Victor and The Bully album Continue reading “Victor & The Bully Deathbed Confessions album review”