Free help for Authors wishing to self-publish

I found this press release recently and I’ve toyed with posting it as it may simply be a vehicle to get money out of hard earned aspiring authors. I would suggest reading fully what is required of you to take part in the free advice section. It may be that you have to subscribe. Only do that once you’re sure they don’t want you to get into a monthly payment or one off. Unless you want to, of course. I entered into a similar website for photography. I haven’t paid anything and I do keep getting a few emails with … Continue reading Free help for Authors wishing to self-publish

Frankenstein Vigilante: The Incorruptibles book review

Written by Charli Anderson Introduction Written by the collaborative penmanship of Peter Lawrence and Chris Trengove, “The Incorruptibles” is the first of a series of Steampunk Fantasy novels centred on The Smoke, and the efforts of numerous groups to overthrow the corrupt leadership. The blurb promises sex, violence, and a new, exciting perspective to Steampunk fiction, while retaining the icons of corsets, steam power and airships. The book is available to download for Kindle for free, and retailing in paperback at around £6 on Amazon. Overview Set in the Commission-controlled city-state of “The Smoke”, The Incorruptibles tells the story of Cerval Franks, a member of the … Continue reading Frankenstein Vigilante: The Incorruptibles book review

Zane and the steampunk riders: Perfume Bandits

A new book has been released by Sudden Industries. The title is decidedly odd, but I’m inclined to forgive them given that it’s aimed to encourage boys aged 5-8 years old to get reading. It seems that at that age, they’re quite reluctant to do so. In my day, it would have been a scuff round the ear and bed with no supper if I refused to read my copy of A Child’s History of England by Charles Dickens on a nightly basis. New York, NY, October 1, 2013: Sudden Industries today announced the release of Zane and the Steampunk … Continue reading Zane and the steampunk riders: Perfume Bandits

“Coyote: The Outlander” steampunk book

The Dutch publisher, Tip My Hat, proudly announces the release of its newest book series, “Coyote: The Outlander”, by Chantal Noordeloos. “In addition to being a great book for lovers of the Steampunk genre,” says TMH, “it presents a new reading experience by offering a Second Screen that gives readers access to free content relevant to the part of the book they are reading. To unlock the content, one need simply to read the book and use the codes in various chapters. Currently, the readers can access extra story lines, listen to background music, or learn more about the author … Continue reading “Coyote: The Outlander” steampunk book