New Jacobin Club – Soldiers of the Mark review

Introduction Soldiers of the Mark is the fifth album from Canadian crazies New Jacobin Club. The six piece band fronted by founder The Horde have recently returned from their short tour of Britain. This album tells the story of a Hellfire Club that summons demons to scourge the Earth. Soldiers of the Mark is available on 12inch vinyl. It starts at $18 for the black version. there are coloured vinyl options for a slightly higher price. It’s also available on CD for $8.00 to download or $12.00 for the Deluxe CD pack which includes five extra tracks. Overview The fifth album of the Canadian based band … Continue reading New Jacobin Club – Soldiers of the Mark review

Kingdom of Clockwork book review

Kingdom of Clockwork is a steampunk novel written by Billy O’Shea. Set in Denmark centuries after fossil fuels have run out and the technology of the “past” has been lost, the landscape seems to have reverted back to pre-industrialised Earth. Priced at £7.51 for Kindle, Amazon Unlimited subscribers can enjoy the book for free. However, why not support an independent author and get a paperback copy direct from the publishers? At €20 (approx £15.49) it also comes in audio book form and is postage free. Overview The beginning of the book doesn’t give you any indication of where in time you are. It starts on the … Continue reading Kingdom of Clockwork book review

The Jupiter Chronicles

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I’ve seen several children’s books with a steampunk theme, but I have to say I’m rather keen on getting hold of this one. The Jupiter Chronicles is an interesting story idea from author Leonardo Ramirez. It sees the protagonists (a young girl and her brother) sent to the planet Jupiter to wage battle with the Martians and rescue their missing father. Continue reading “The Jupiter Chronicles”