Freyja Faery: SteamFae

Freyja Faery at A Splendid Day Out steampunk event in Morecambe

As someone who has only been a steampunk for around 6 years, I’m relatively new to the whole concept and lifestyle. I write from my interpretation of what steampunk means to me, as well as my understanding and experience so far within the community. I have attended and performed at many steampunk events up and down the country and have included the Steampunk Style into the fairy outfits I wear as a family entertainer and performing artist. Continue reading “Freyja Faery: SteamFae”

Steampunk Doncaster to return in 2014

Earlier this year, three steampunks hosted an event in Doncaster – arguably the home of steam – and, by Harry they managed it. Thanks to this success, Group Captain Tony “Bootstrap” Bates, Captain Candice Foers-Bates and Craig Hallam are organising a second event in 2014. Nicknamed Tiffin in the Park, it will feature many of the original events that took place this year as well as some extra. I can’t wait to see them since I couldn’t make it earlier this year. Tiffin in the Park will be held in the Doncaster Deaf Trust facilities which has parking and also … Continue reading Steampunk Doncaster to return in 2014

Report on Doncaster steampunk Fayre

Via: Sheffield Star The sights and sounds of Steampunk came to Doncaster for two whole days for a feast of colour, costumes and creativity. The two day event, held at a variety of locations across the town, saw steampunk enthusiasts pulling on all their finery for a promenade of the parish, as well as taking part in talent contests, literature, photo workshops and a wide range of other events, most of which took place at the Doncaster School for the Deaf. The event, the first of its kind in Doncaster, is set to become a regular event and focused on … Continue reading Report on Doncaster steampunk Fayre