Sci-Fi, Cosplay, Steampunk, and Console Communities Excited by End-of-Summer Finale

Press release: Cosplay, Sci-Fi and Steampunk DALLAS, July 25, 2016 – Costumes, performances, gaming, and discussion panels provide a selection of over 100 activity choices scheduled to take place at Infinicon, the summer convention being held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on August 5th through 7th in Dallas, Texas. Celebrity guests and guests of honor from filmmaking and costuming will be present all three days. Additional highlights include an art show, artists, exhibitors, and specialty vendors. A head-to-head tournament of costumes on Friday awards a Brother brand embroidery sewing machine to the champion. The reserve champion receives a Brother sewing … Continue reading Sci-Fi, Cosplay, Steampunk, and Console Communities Excited by End-of-Summer Finale

Steampunk Journal’s visit to the Spring Apothecarium in Barnsley

I’ve been in touch with the event organisers of the Apothecarium in Barnsley for some time, but it wasn’t until recently that I actually managed to get there. Located in the modernist Civic Cultural Centre near the attractive arcade which is full of boutique shops and Victorian Tea Rooms and for photo opportunities, you can go to see the gorgeous Town Hall. Continue reading “Steampunk Journal’s visit to the Spring Apothecarium in Barnsley”

Starling pocket watch review

Introduction The Starling pocket watches are the result of a crowd funding campaign that saw the vision of a Silicon Valley Inventor and Disney Imagineer come fruition. There are six watches in creation and in this review, I’ll be taking a look at the Inception. Priced at around $99 (approx £68) the Starling Watch is available from Etsy via the Starling Watch website. Features It’s infrequent that something in masses of steampunk inventions that something catches my eye and makes me yearn it so much. Creations by the great makers such as Thomas Willeford, the late, great, Datamancer and images by Gary Nichols are a small … Continue reading Starling pocket watch review

Steampunk Journal Store Opening Soon

In November this year I’m hoping to put the Steampunk Journal store live. Some of you may have seen some items posted on the Facebook page by accident due to my misunderstanding of the FB link system. I’ve now placed around 250 craft tools onto the system ready to go live when I’ve arranged the rest of the store. From Craft Knives to Belt Sanders, Braces to Coal Hods, there’s a lot to look at already and I’ve only put up what I think are essential tools or made from the best quality. Most of the hand tools are made … Continue reading Steampunk Journal Store Opening Soon