Steampunk model gets trouble for not being steampunk enough

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Back in July this year, steampunk model Amy Wilder attended the San Diego Comic Convention wearing a gold bikini, coupled with a gun, holster, short jacket and obligatory goggles. Since then she’s had a lot of flak about whether the outfit was steampunk or not. Continue reading “Steampunk model gets trouble for not being steampunk enough”

RebelsMarket launches first online alternative marketplace

Los Altos, California, May 12, 2014

RebelsMarket alternative marketplace
RebelsMarket shopping page has launched the first alternative-inspired online marketplace and community for the anti-mainstream and fashion-forward. The site caters to individuals with unique interests in different fashion subcultures, including glam goth, punk, street, emo, rock, skate, steampunk, burlesque, fantasy and tattoo. Continue reading “RebelsMarket launches first online alternative marketplace”

Lady Clankington announces 2014 schedule

Lady Clankington, the Penthouse favourite and steampunk has announced her 2014 schedule with a post on Steampunk Revolution Facebook page. The image complete with a topless image of Lady C – model Sarah Hunter – caused quite a stir as she forgot to edit out her nipples. She has now re-uploaded a safer image complete with Photoshop pasties. The good news is that she will be coming to good old Blighty for the Whitby Goth Weekend later in the year. I’m trying to secure an interview with her while she’s over here. Here’s a link to the original image for … Continue reading Lady Clankington announces 2014 schedule