Interview with New Zealand’s Capital! Steampunk group

Stanley is Sir Hawthorne's entry in the Teapot Racing
Stanley is Sir Julius Hawthorne’s entry in the Teapot Racing

You all remember Tea Bombing and how everyone was going to try it, but never did? Well recently I became aware of arguably the best steampunk past-time in the world. Teapot Racing is a sport seemingly exclusive to the Wellington steampunk group “Capital! Steampunks”. Having raced radio controlled cars when I was around 15 years old, I was fascinated by what it entailed, so I got in touch with Col. Sir Julius Hawthorne – administrator of the group – to ask him all about it. This is an interview that you’ll really enjoy.

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SteamWorld Dig to come to Xbox One

Remember SteamWorld Dig that I reported the teaser trailer on back in 2013? I just about did. It was to be released on Nintendo 3DS and since then has also been released on Playstation 4, PS Vita and Wii U. Image & Form who created the game have still got to make some amendments to it before release and they’re also creating an “elaborate easter egg“. They don’t have a release date yet, but it seems they’re so excited about the news that they simply had to tell us all about it right now. They do expect it to be … Continue reading SteamWorld Dig to come to Xbox One

Steampunk News round up 18/03/2015 In The Neighborhood: Steampunk Stomp 2015 4CornersTV Leisha Lawson, Powerhouse Science Center Employee: “So this is the Powerhouse Science Center 4th annual Steampunk Stomp.” Drew Semel… Magna Carta and the loss of liberties in Victorian art Royal Holloway Royal Holloway owns one of the UK’s best private collections of Victorian art. To celebrate Magna Carta our curator, Dr Laura MacCulloch, has curated… Port Townsend festival starting Friday is Victorian in history, but it offers a modern focus Peninsula Daily “You have a lot of people who are Victorian enthusiasts because they love steampunk, and you have a lot of … Continue reading Steampunk News round up 18/03/2015

Steampunk News round up 04/03/2015

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New steampunk soundsets from Syrinscape

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Syrinscape, developer of the app that creates custom soundscapes, effects, and music, announces today the release of the Giant Steampunk Robot and Running the Net SoundSets for the Syrinscape Sci-Fi Player. Each Sci-Fi SoundSet is available to purchase and download from the Syrinscape store, $3.99 each. Feel the earth shake and hear the grinding of gears as the enormous automaton wreaks havoc on civilization in the new Giant Steampunk Robot SoundSet. As cars zoom past, period weapons burst, and the crowd screams in panic, Game Masters will smash their players to smithereens with all of the mighty sounds … Continue reading New steampunk soundsets from Syrinscape

Steampunk News round up 26/02/2015

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First-place finish is sweet reward for woman eyeing retirement after 30 years of cake decorating
Omaha World-Herald
She said she plans to use the same steampunk-Victorian theme, which featured a steampunk clock, a corset and a top hat, for her cakes in the finals. Continue reading “Steampunk News round up 26/02/2015”

Steampunk News round up 21/02/2015

Embed from Getty Images Your taste of steampunk and Victorian themed news for the day. Including a negative review of The Order: 1886! (How dare they?) Children enjoy the sights, sounds (and smells) of Victorian Manchester at Museum of Science and… Manchester Evening News Families are also getting chance to delve into a Victorian sewer and make real slime in Goo in the Loo – a hands-on workshop revealing how the city’s… Victorian Revivals Apollo Magazine From the February issue of Apollo: Ayla Lepine on the surge of interest in Victorian art in 21st-century London. NEVERMORE Launches ‘Goth and Steampunk‘ … Continue reading Steampunk News round up 21/02/2015

Steampunk News round up 19/02/2015

‘Skin Deep Sea’ puts steam in a titillating steampunk fairytale Minneapolis Star Tribune ‘Skin Deep Sea’ puts steam in a titillating steampunk fairytale that removes it from the reality of steampunk fantasy and puts it into the orbit of reality TV. Twisted Colossus on Track for Spring Opening Six Flags Magic Mountain officials say Twisted Colossus is on track for its spring opening complete with a new revamped steampunk area. “I’d say… Karaski: What Goes Up… Slavic-Steampunk RPG Unraveling a Plot Onboard an Airship! Hello Fellow GameDevs! I’d like to introduce you to my second upcoming indie game, … Continue reading Steampunk News round up 19/02/2015