Cinema for Steampunks: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Film (2003) Review

I honestly can’t remember any other time this has happened to me, but I think the movie is actually BETTER than the books it is based on! It takes the best elements of League of Extroardinary Gentlemen Vol. 1 and a smidge from Vol. 2. But the plot is totally different from either in the end. About the Movie The movie begins when armed men attack Allan Quartermain (Sean Connery) in Africa. Though he’s on shaky ground with queen and country, he answers the call. Soon, he’s in London and face-to-face with a mysterious agent for the crown known only as “M” (Richard Roxburgh). He meets the other members … Continue reading Cinema for Steampunks: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Film (2003) Review

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Vol. 2

Your favorite cohort of steam-era heroes returns in another installment of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. 2! Our story starts on the surface of Mars where literary heroes Gulliver Jones (Lieut. Gulliver Jones: His Vacation, 1905) and John Carter (Princess of Mars, 1917) are organizing a resistance against an alien race of foreign origin that is trying to invade. All too quickly, aliens decide to invade the homeland of those who oppose them: Earth. We meet up with the League when they are called in to investigate an impact crater in the countryside. Tentacled aliens make short work of the humans who try to make … Continue reading League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Vol. 2

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. 1

I just found out that apparently the “Steampunkness” of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a topic of debate. I find this astounding, considering I have always thought of “LXG” as an incredibly GOOD example! It was one of the first stories I sought out to begin my Steam-ucation back in the day. Steampunk has deep and direct roots in literature, and nowhere else will you find so many Victorian-era characters rubbing elbows as in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen from Vertigo. The creator, Alan Moore (The Watchmen) and illustrator Kevin O’Neill take their audience on a wild ride. It spans several classic works of science fiction and creates a way … Continue reading League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. 1

Steampunks in Salford

Don’t forget, Ladies and Gentlemen, a number of steampunks will be meeting at Salford Museum today at around 1pm for a browse around the Museum and Art Gallery. If you have a new costume to display, why not tootle along to have a photograph taken in it on Lark Hill Place, the replica Victorian street. It looks to be great fun and I’m going to be there too, so make sure you say hello. Related articles interviews Matthew deMaris Poll: Pipe or no pipe? Continue reading Steampunks in Salford