Quickboy steampunk game announced for iOS and Android

Press release: March 25, 2015 – SAN FRANCISCO – Netmarble US, Inc., the newly formed North American gaming branch of a leading mobile game publisher in South Korea, Netmarble Games Corp. (“Netmarble”), today announced Quickboy will launch this April on iOS and Android devices. Continuing to build upon their wide catalogue of high production quality, fun-filled games, Quickboy promises to deliver fast-paced action set in a post-apocalyptic world. Featured as a steam-punk themed side scrolling-platformer game, Quickboy offers an intense experience as players take on the role of Tommy Hawk, taking on his dangerous rounds of vital package deliveries in … Continue reading Quickboy steampunk game announced for iOS and Android

Magic Leap unveils new Augment Reality software which features a steampunk shoot-’em-up

The intro page to Dr Grordbort's Victory game
The intro page to Dr Grordbort’s Victory game

You may have seen the trailer video for Magic Leap’s new system which incorporates Augmented Reality that places a virtual desktop over a real landscape. It allows you to access emails, documents and the general internet, but the biggest mark of interest has been stirred by the first person shooting game. Continue reading “Magic Leap unveils new Augment Reality software which features a steampunk shoot-’em-up”

Trailer release for Victorian horror Angelica

A teaser trailer has been posted for upcoming supernatural thriller Angelica. The film stars Jena Malone who you may remember as Rocket from Dieselpunk action-fest Sucker Punch. Malone plays Constance, a middle class girl living in Victorian London who loses her parents at an early age. So when she falls in love with a Doctor and they marry and she falls pregnant, all seems wonderful. That is until Angelica is born, Constance nearly dies and subsequently has to lead a life on abstinence. Angelica is directed by Mitchell Lichtenstein who is probably best known for Teeth. The trailer shows the … Continue reading Trailer release for Victorian horror Angelica

The Journal is rising

Not exactly an inspiring title to begin a post with, but it preambles to a good tale. I started the Journal on 4th July, 2013 and since then its popularity has soared. In fact, in four months it’s become one of the highest ranking websites dedicated to steampunk news and culture around. The current positioning of the site on Alexa ranking is just under 800,000 globally and just under 28,000 in Great Britain. I’m not trying to put other sites down, they’re wonderful to read. In fact, I’ve linked to them so you can visit them as well. Compare the … Continue reading The Journal is rising