Gaslight & Grimm book review

Words by Nemma Wollenfang   Gaslight & Grimm Introduction Gaslight & Grimm is an anthology of 13 short stories by a range of professional writers and Edited by award-winning author Danielle Ackley-McPhail and Diana Bastine. All are fairy-tale retellings with steampunk twists. Some surprisingly inventive. From a darkly comical Puss in Boots to a beautifully depicted Red Shoes, to name some. It’s priced at £2.84 (kindle) or around £10.59 (paperback) on Amazon, so it won’t break the bank. Length: 252 pages. Gaslight & Grimm Overview The back page blurb says, “Tales have been told… but never quite like these.” They’re right. While you may know the … Continue reading Gaslight & Grimm book review