Scientists to close trans dimensional rift because Oilpunk universe is “too weird”

Scientists at the Nottingham Excursion Research Department have voiced concerns regarding the trans dimensional rift between the futuristic Oilpunk universe and what they call our Steampunk universe. The team in Nottinghamshire are one of the leading research groups studying the … Continue reading Scientists to close trans dimensional rift because Oilpunk universe is “too weird”

Weekend at the Asylum 9 report

Weekend at the Asylum IXIf you’re a steampunk of any level of interest, you must have heard the word “Asylum” bandied around recently. Unless you live under a rock. Or under a big pile of socks which happen to provide superb sound proofing. Or if you’ve been on a trip to Pluto to collect vital rock samples and regrettably didn’t return until after the August bank Holiday.

An event attended by thousands of steampunks and non-steampunks alike, this year reached around the 120,000 mark over the course of the extended weekend. Continue reading “Weekend at the Asylum 9 report”

Phoenix Alternative Festival report

Llanfyllin is a small town in North Wales. Easily accessible from the M56, it’s home to the Llanfyllin Workhouse. Originally a workhouse for inmates, it was opened in 1837 and operated until 1930. It was taken over until 1983 when it closed it’s doors after operating as a care home. Following a very short stint as an outdoor pursuits centre, it remained closed until 2008 when local residents attained full ownership and transformed it into a Community Centre. Continue reading “Phoenix Alternative Festival report”

Whitby Steampunk Experience Pt 2 – Saturday/Sunday

After the insane night of the Friday night which saw me up on stage dancing to YMCA, Saturday found me on another stage. In order to stand and talk about the Journal and Hellfire Club, Andy the organiser had given me a table on the stage in the upstairs market area. Incredibly I was sat next to Thomas Willeford (it wasn’t just the ladies swooning; I was glad for a chair) and Matt & Harry from Victor & The Bully. Continue reading “Whitby Steampunk Experience Pt 2 – Saturday/Sunday”

Do steampunk accessories need a function?

Accessories can be goggles
These goggles are my own used in a shoot. Image copyright Matt Grayson for The Hellfire Club

In a made up universe that relies heavily on science fiction, fantasy and imagination, do we really need to ensure that all our accessories have a purpose? Should our gears that we stick to our hats be functional? Even if that function is make-believe? Continue reading “Do steampunk accessories need a function?”