Edwardian Ball VII date confirmed

Photo by Marco Sanchez, used with permission

February 1, 2016: (Los Angeles, CA) – The 7th Annual Edwardian Ball returns to Hollywood’s legendary and storied Fonda Theatre on Saturday, February 27, 2016 for ONE NIGHT ONLY. The “epic and elegant yet seductively dark affair that enchants all of the senses,” according to LA.com, is a re-imagined turn-of-the-century world that presents an inimitable, description-defying, whimsical and surrealistic living interpretation and celebration of the late macabre cult author, comic artist, illustrator and cartoonist Edward Gorey. Continue reading “Edwardian Ball VII date confirmed”

Back to the Future and Steampunk

English: Steam Locomotive in Universal Studios...
English: Steam Locomotive in Universal Studios, orlando of the film Back To Future (part III) Español: Locomotora a vapor de la última parte de la pelicula Volver al Futuro. En Universal Studio, orlando, florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the recent passing of 21st October 2015, it got me thinking about the links between Back to the Future and steampunk. Obviously in this article I’ll be covering the third chapter of the trilogy that sees Doc Brown thrown back to the Old West where he starts to “invent” modern day items using mid 19th century equipment and on purpose or by accident they turn out looking steampunk. Continue reading “Back to the Future and Steampunk”

Is Dreadpunk a new subculture?

There are a couple of articles doing the rounds at the moment covering Dreadpunk. It was announced at DragonCon 2015 by Derek Tatum as a way to describe the bout of modern Gothic Horror that is becoming more popular by the year. Tatum is quick to defend Dreadpunk because it’s seen a lot of people denounce it as trying to steal away Gothic Horror and Gaslamp Fantasy Horror. He writes on his website “dreadpunk is used as shorthand for contemporary Gothic horror, suspense, and fantasy works set in an often stylized past. It’s a tongue-in-cheek term derived from the penny … Continue reading Is Dreadpunk a new subculture?

The amazing adventures of Victoria Clarke

I like pretty ladies, who are actresses, but also British spies. So I’m all for this project: Steampunk and science fiction fans will have an opportunity to support the development of an independent action adventure feature film, The Amazing Adventures of Victoria Clarke on Indiegogo.com this summer. Veteran visual effects producer Kendrick Wallace (Aliens verses Predator II, The A-Team, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter) is taking a unique approach to getting a movie made in Hollywood. By engaging movie fans at the earliest stage of development, he hopes to build a dynamic community of people personally invested in every stage of … Continue reading The amazing adventures of Victoria Clarke