Van Helsing is the Ultimate Monster Movie Meets Steampunk Mash-up

  Stephen Sommers, who brought us the special effects-laden reboot of The Mummy in 1999, also lent his imagination (as well as his pen) to create Van Helsing in 2004. Even though both films are almost a decade or more old they are some of my absolute favorites for their combination of action, visual effects and fun. What is Van Helsing About? Gabriel Van Helsing (Hugh Jackman) is a monster hunter with a mysterious past. He is employed by the Catholic church to seek out and destroy evil, but remembers nothing before he was charged with his holy quest. As far as I can tell, the only … Continue reading Van Helsing is the Ultimate Monster Movie Meets Steampunk Mash-up

Cinema for Steampunks: Kate & Leopold

Wait, You’re Saying This Movie is STEAMPUNK?! But, but, but…! I may be new around the Journal, but I’ve been doing movie reviews going on four years now. I thought I’d include a little disclaimer for this one. As a reviewer and a fan of everything Steampunk, I cast a very wide net. I don’t see my job as limiting what goes into the Steampunk canon. I’m here to seek out and share those things that will appeal to fans – even if they never would have thought of it themselves. Kate & Leopold, a sweet rom-com starring one my perennial favorites, Meg Ryan, and the delicious Hugh Jackman, … Continue reading Cinema for Steampunks: Kate & Leopold