The future of steampunks at Whitby Goth Weekend

Another Whitby Goth Weekend has been and gone and the arguments have started again. This time, it seems less about the paparazzi style invasive photographers and more about the weapons issue that I mentioned in this article from the last WGW (Whitby Goth Weekend). There’s also a relatively new problem that seems to be rearing its head. That problem is disgruntled Goths who attend the event but don’t think that steampunks should be there. Whitby Goth Weekend press coverage In the Guardian, they posted a number of pictures of the event but somehow seemed to miss Goths off of the … Continue reading The future of steampunks at Whitby Goth Weekend

Interview with Tayliss Forge

Many steampunks around the world will be familiar with the name Tayliss Forge. From her first experience of steampunk at a convention in 2009, she’s built up a large fanbase on social media. Partially down to her exceptional skills at making steampunk costumes as well as her many modelling shoots and of course being a super nice person to talk to. In this interview, she chats about her steampunk origins, her love of conventions and her involvement with the amazing League of S.T.E.A.M. Continue reading “Interview with Tayliss Forge”

Hendrick’s Gin launch The Flying Cucumber dirigible

NEW YORK, USA – Hendrick’s Gin is launching Hendrick’s Air. This new ambitious venture will commence with its flagship (and only) air craft: a massive dirigible christened The Flying Cucumber. “We have been continually surprised by the odd popularity of our unusual cucumber-infused gin,” explained Hendrick’s National Brand Ambassador Jim Ryan, “So taking on the challenge of air travel seemed like the next logical step.” Positioning itself against ordinary modes of travel, which Mr. Ryan stated “have devolved into a mundane state of expeditious predictability,” Hendrick’s Air will launch its fleet based on a single and majestic dirigible.  In contrast … Continue reading Hendrick’s Gin launch The Flying Cucumber dirigible

Interview with Kirstie Williams of CuriousCephalopods

Copyright Kirstie Williams, used with permission
Copyright Kirstie Williams, used with permission

I may have been tempting fate by getting in touch with someone who uses the word Cephalopod in their company name (I already spelled it wrong just then – thank you spell checker). But I have an affection for Octopuses, so when I saw some of the work coming from CuriousCephalopod (did it again) I had to get in touch and find out more about these wonderful pieces of art. Continue reading “Interview with Kirstie Williams of CuriousCephalopods”

Steampunk News round up 12/02/2015

Embed from Getty Images More news from the steampunk globe. Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat at Hollywood Studios is looking pretty steampunk Orlando Weekly (blog) 7, not much was left of the hat but its skeleton – which actually makes it look kind of steampunk. We tracked down a few more pics on Instagram to see… The C-Word with Cosplayer Tia Maria Nuke The Fridge This week, we have a cosplayer who loves the steampunk scene and you may have seen her around at conventions. Her name is Tia Maria aka… Sci-Fi Center Celebrates Friday the 13th, Alice Goes Steampunk Vegas Seven … Continue reading Steampunk News round up 12/02/2015