Do steampunk accessories need a function?

Accessories can be goggles
These goggles are my own used in a shoot. Image copyright Matt Grayson for The Hellfire Club

In a made up universe that relies heavily on science fiction, fantasy and imagination, do we really need to ensure that all our accessories have a purpose? Should our gears that we stick to our hats be functional? Even if that function is make-believe? Continue reading “Do steampunk accessories need a function?”

Steampunk Journal’s visit to the Spring Apothecarium in Barnsley

I’ve been in touch with the event organisers of the Apothecarium in Barnsley for some time, but it wasn’t until recently that I actually managed to get there. Located in the modernist Civic Cultural Centre near the attractive arcade which is full of boutique shops and Victorian Tea Rooms and for photo opportunities, you can go to see the gorgeous Town Hall. Continue reading “Steampunk Journal’s visit to the Spring Apothecarium in Barnsley”

How to proclaim yourself King of Steampunk

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This is a really interesting project for me, because there are plenty of people in the world who have recognised themselves as steampunks long before I did. So why does that make me the person to write guidelines on the subject? Continue reading “How to proclaim yourself King of Steampunk”

Emma Brackenbury – steampunk jewellery maker

I met lots of lovely people while visiting the Alternative & Burlesque Fair in Sheffield. One such person was Emma Brackenbury. Emma is a costume jewellery maker that she designs and makes with elements of steampunk. Her table was scattered with oddities and curios that she’d made. Some only taking a matter of days, which – to me – shows a degree of skill that some of us can only dream of. With any luck, I’ll be getting a review sample in, so you can all appreciate her work. In the mean time, you can interface with her on Facebook … Continue reading Emma Brackenbury – steampunk jewellery maker