Geneva Steam Con 2020, The Last Hot Time—

Daring the COVID-19 pandemic (which at that time was not an official crisis in Wisconsin yet) we attended Geneva Steam Convention. We knew that this was to be the last Geneva Steam Con, as the small but doughty band of organizers have decided to commit energies elsewhere for the forseeable future, but, as it turned out, may be the last fannish gathering, Steampunk or otherwise, for some time to come. Just as we came home from the con, governmental responses to the epidemic were ramping up, and, by this writing, we are beginning the second week of government “stay at … Continue reading Geneva Steam Con 2020, The Last Hot Time—

The Journal is rising

Not exactly an inspiring title to begin a post with, but it preambles to a good tale. I started the Journal on 4th July, 2013 and since then its popularity has soared. In fact, in four months it’s become one of the highest ranking websites dedicated to steampunk news and culture around. The current positioning of the site on Alexa ranking is just under 800,000 globally and just under 28,000 in Great Britain. I’m not trying to put other sites down, they’re wonderful to read. In fact, I’ve linked to them so you can visit them as well. Compare the … Continue reading The Journal is rising