Morlock Night by KW Jeter Review

Morlock Night was released in 1979 and asks the question “What happened after the events of The Time Machine?” H. G. Wells’ classic tale is told through the vehicle of a dinner party being held by a man known only as “the time traveler.” Jeter’s story picks up right as the party has broken up for the night and the guests are wending their dreary ways home through the London fog. One of the guests, a Mr. Edwin Hocker, shares his walk and his skepticism with another guest, the mysterious Dr. Ambrose. Hocker is appalled by the turn their conversation takes and finally extricates himself from … Continue reading Morlock Night by KW Jeter Review

News round up 19/12/2013

We’re nearing Christmas, Ladies and Gentlemen, and I hope you’ve planned something special for the festive period. I’m considering not posting over Christmas so I may go quiet for a few days, but fret not! In all likelihood, the news round up due on 26/12/2013 will simply be posted a few days later. Here is a small list of interesting items that have landed in my intray from around the known World in the past week. have reported on a marketing company that has set up a side project website selling hand-made steampunk goggles. have posted images of … Continue reading News round up 19/12/2013