Is it any surprise that Steampunk’d got canned?

steampunk'd_cancelledThe maker programme Steampunk’d “will not be picked up for a second season” (being British that’s the last time I’ll use the word season to describe a series in this article) according to the GSN blog page. GSN being the network that commissioned it in the first place. The eight episode show was widely criticised by steampunks and away from that had other, more popular programmes to contend with including Skin Wars and The Chase USA. Continue reading “Is it any surprise that Steampunk’d got canned?”

Steampunk’d begins production

Steampunk'd is currently in production and will air in the US late summer
Steampunk’d is currently in production and will air in the US late summer

You may or may not have heard about the new television show starting production in America called Steampunk’d. Thankfully not an Ashton Kutcher-esque practical joke show, but a design and art show with a heavy theme of steampunk running through it. It is to be hosted by Jeannie Mai. Continue reading “Steampunk’d begins production”

Interview with Constance Bashford

steampunk model close up
Constance Bashford

Constance Bashford is an enigma. She began modelling only a few years ago and has built herself up seemingly from nowhere to become an iconic figure in European steampunk. For the two years that Steampunk Doncaster has been running, she’s been on hand to help notable steampunk photographer Ruud de Korte with his workshops. Photographers like me can only wish for an alliance such as they have where they work for each other and get the quality photographs that they produce each shoot.

I managed to pull Constance to one side after a shoot workshop at Steampunk Doncaster and I had a chat with her about her modelling, what her future plans are and her obsession with Kato. Continue reading “Interview with Constance Bashford”

Steampunk Couture

Company Spotlight

Steampunk Couture
Copyright Kato at Steampunk Couture

Steampunk Couture is one of a number of businesses owned by Kato – a Welsh girl now living in the Portland, Oregon in the USA . In 2005, Kato set up Steampunk Couture in Wales but by 2007 she had moved to America. Steampunk Couture has the honour of being the first steampunk clothing company in the known World. Continue reading “Steampunk Couture”